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To: Forsyth County Board of Education, Forsyth County Board of Education

Don't Ban Books from Georgia Schools

We must stop Forsyth County as well as any others from banning books focusing on racism, LGBTQ+ issues, the Holocaust, etc from schools. To aid with this I have put forth this petition to be signed and delivered to the Forsyth County Board of Education, our senators, and others.

Why is this important?

As of now multiple states are trying to ban books from schools; many of these books deal with racism, America's history of slavery, LGBTQ+ themes/characters, etc. Examples of books that could be potentially banned are as follows:

Maus written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman
Monster written by Walter Dean Myers
The Undefeated written by Kwame Alexander, illustrated by Kadir Nelson
Class Act written by Jerry Craft

And more.

Banning these books would be an act of prejudice and amorality, as many of these books provide a more realistic account of the atrocities of our past and present history, many also allow children the chance to learn about themselves as well as other kinds of people.



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