To: Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6)

Donate NRA Contributions to Charity

We have experienced the worst mass murder incident in our history, carried out by a lone gunman with modified firearms. What will it take to get Congress to enact sensible and responsible gun regulations? The first thing would be to STOP taking political contributions from the NRA. And the contributions they have already received should be DONATED TO CHARITY.

Why is this important?

Fred Upton has accepted $12,106 in contribution from the NRA and its associates. He needs to give that money to the victims of gun violence or another charity.

The NRA cannot continue to hamstring Congress by "paying them off." We need common sense firearms regulations that will help limit gun ownership to responsible citizens and prevent their acquisition by non-citizens, felons and the mentally ill.

No one wants to negate the 2nd Amendment. We just want to be safer.