To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Don't Give Up the PAEC

Join us in the fight to save the City College of San Francisco Performing Arts Center (PAC)! Ask the California State Legislature to restore the funding for this voter-approved project and call on the CCSF Special Trustee and Interim Chancellor to respect the will of San Francisco voters!

Why is this important?

The City College of San Francisco Music and Theater Departments have launched this petition to protect $88 million currently dedicated to complete construction of City College's Performing Arts Education Center (PAEC). The petition asks the California State Legislature for a one-year extension on $38 million in state bond funding and calls on the CCSF special trustee and interim chancellor to respect the will of the voters of San Francisco, who approved two bonds for CCSF totaling $50 million.

Almost $20 million has been spent on the Performing Arts Center (PAC) to date, The project, which has won both state and national awards for design and sustainability, is now shovel-ready.

The petition to support completion of the PAC has already been signed by writers, actors and musicians including Laurie Anderson, Danny Glover, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and many others. Join us in this effort by signing this effort and asking lawmakers not to give up the PAC!! For more information, please contact Madeline Mueller, chair of the CCSF Music Department, at 415-239-3641 or Visit the CCSF Music Dept website for more information at


Reasons for signing

  • San Francisco deserves this important music facility!
  • City College is one of the few places, if not the only one, that can provide an affordable education in the performing arts, visual arts and music. These fields should not be a privilege of wealthy individuals. The school should have a matching performance space to give these students the opportunity to show their talent in fields usually restricted to the privileged, while also expanding the cultural offering for the entire community of San Francisco.
  • No brainer

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