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End the sales tax on menstrual hygiene products in Colorado!

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I believe women have the right to have access to feminine products tax-free. Having a period isn't a luxury, so why do women have to pay luxury taxes on feminine products. Not only is this affecting our pockets, but it's also affecting hundreds of homeless women around the world who can't pay for pads or tampons at all.

We need to move on from being taxed for having periods and move onto making feminine products accessible to every woman.

Why is this important?

On March 26th, Denver's City Council voted for a bill in favor of exempting menstrual hygiene products from sales tax and it passed 11-0. Effective July 1st, Denver county will no longer charge sales tax for feminine hygiene products, but they will still be subject to state and RTD taxes. Denver took a huge step forward to begin the process of eliminating the tax on menstrual hygiene products, but we need the entire state of Colorado to adopt this bill so that every woman can care for her period without being financially burdened. Sales tax on period products is unfair, a gender-biased tax, and unconstitutional. Women shouldn't have to be financially burdened because of something biological to their bodies. Menstruation is women's health.
Please sign our petition to end the tampon tax in the state of Colorado now.

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  • Periods are not a privilege.
  • End the period tax!!
  • Fuck Taxes