To: David Weaver, District 1, Douglas County Commissioner, Roger Partridge, District II, Douglas County Commissioner, and Jill Repella, District III, Douglas County Commissioner

Douglas County, Colorado: Adhere To The 2035 Master Plan

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Tell Douglas County, CO Commissioners to vote NO on the rezoning of land on Hilltop Road. The tax-payer-funded 2035 Master Plan states that the land is to remain agriculturally zoned until at least 2035. The citizens who live here and pay taxes do not want the land rezoned for denser development.

Why is this important?

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Douglas County, CO has a state-mandated, tax-payer-funded Master Plan that is supposed to be in effect until 2035. The County Commissioners have overthrown the will of the people to approve at least (2) dense developments by rezoning. These decisions were outside of the basic guidelines of the Master Plan and were against the will of the citizens who voiced their opposition to the developments at public hearings. Douglas County is now preparing to rezone agricultural land on Hilltop Road for more dense development.

The heavy development in Douglas County is congesting our communities, destroying Colorado's natural beauty and wildlife, and is depleting the limited-resource aquifers. The depletion of the aquifers will eventually leave the land scarred and worthless within approximately 100 years. This is being done so a few developers can make large profits without regard for land and water preservation and the local citizens.

Our County Commissioners are paid to be public servants. When they overthrow the will of the people and the Master Plan, they become dictators. Please protect citizens' rights to steward and preserve our local communities by signing this petition.

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