To: Jeffrey D Schielke, Mayor, City of Batavia, Garran Sparks, Alderman, Ward 1, Michael F O'Brien, Alderman, Ward 1, Alan Wolff, Alderman, Ward 2, Victor Dietz, Alderman, Ward 2, Dan Chanzit, Alderman, Ward 3, Janet Jungels, Alderman, Ward ...

Downtown Batavia Illinois 2012

In order to help the Batavia community face the challenge of today with the vision and foresight for tomorrow, we are calling on the City Council to oppose Plan 14 as proposed by Batavia Enterprises for the demolition of (address) and building of a freestanding Walgreen, set back 77 ft from the street. The community has invested their time and resources and defined in the Batavia Comprehensive Plan their vision for downtown. We rely on our representatives to ensure the proposed Walgreen’s plan, and all future plans, meet the defined criteria, without unrealistic exception.

Why is this important?

Help ensure that the City of Batavia works to improve the downtown area as set forth in the Batavia Comprensive Plan.