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To: Dr. Theodore E Stebbins, Curator American Art, Dr. Theodore E Stebbins, Curator American Art, and Dr. Theodore E Stebbins, Curator American Art

"Dr Stebbins: Allow Heade’s To Catalogue"

Ask Dr. Theodore E Stebbins of the Harvard Fogg Museum to allow two of America’s most important masterpieces forensically authenticated to the catalogue raisonne for Martin Johnson Heade.

Why is this important?

Here we have a two masterpieces dedicated and left to the American people so that they may enjoy and educate themselves in their profound history and significance caught up in a denial that they are not by the artist Martin Johnson Heade by Dr. Stebbins for reasons that are absolutely none reasoning. One reason given was that he didn’t know Martin Johnson Heade painted any other birds other than hummingbirds. This is ridiculous. And another more recent reason “It’s nothing like Heade's work, in my opinion”. Maybe Dr. Stebbins forgot what he said a few years ago to the contrary.
These works have been substantiated forensically and historically, but both have failed to persuade Dr. Stebbins to do the right thing and allow these two forensically sound works into the catalogue raisonne.
I ask myself a question “ how can a civilized nation use forensic science in death penalty cases and justify putting people to death with this science and that same science cannot authenticate a work of art ‘?

I ask you to read the press release herein attached and if you believe that Dr. Theodore Stebbins should respect the science that supports these two works then please sign the petition and let him know. One would think that the history of these two works would compel him to acknowledge these works for the catalogue. See ten years of research to support the birds and the land. Press Release:

Thank you
Victor H Hall