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To: Bob Latta

Drop The Stigma

Drop The Stigma

Veteran mental health is often pushed to the back burner due to people holding the viewpoint of "oh, they are adults and if they need help they will seek their own help". The issue with this is that they may not know how to seek help and/or they do not have the funds to afford proper therapy. In order to ensure the ability for veterans to get the proper help they need, we need educational programs AND affordable care for the ones who keep our country the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Why is this important?

This is an important matter for without these folks, we would not be the United States that we know today. These are the people that make our freedoms possible, and the reason we wake up in the morning without fear of invasion or being taken over. Given the recent movement from Russia into Ukrainian territories, the United States government has mobilized troops overseas yet again, leaving the future their mental health unknown. It is only right to provide the ones who provide for us with proper repayment; proper mental health care.


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