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Drug testing

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To receive any form of State Assistance and/or Unemployment Benefit, All persons 10 to 65 must have drug testing every other month to continue receiving benefits. And the state, or hospital where testing is conducted, must have the test results to the Department of Social and Health Services within 24 hours. Within the 2nd 24 hours, the results must be reviewed by an authority who will either approve the next check or send assistance receiver a form notifying them no check will be provided by tax payer money until the period following the next drug test scheduled for two months out. Everyone should benefit from this change....druggies? Maybe they will consider giving up drugs, seek help or a job. Taxpayers? Save thousands and thousands. If benefits are relied on to provide income then recepients should be treated like an employee who would need to provide clean drug tests before being hired. Testing results need to include everything from marijuana to the worst possible drug. No doctor prescription for marijuana use eliminates the discontinuance of benefits unless a physician verifies the recepient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This petition should be submitted to City, County, State and Federal governments. And I would appreciate acknowledgement this is petition request is accepted or denied.