To: "The O'Reilly Factor" Advertisers


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Bill O'Reilly is a purveyor of sexual violence who has had to pay out over $13 million dollars to quell charges of sexual harassment. Furthermore, he has consistently used his platform to promote hateful and divisive rhetoric that attacks women, Black culture, and civil rights. It is in the best interest of your company to #DropOReilly now.

Why is this important?

O'Reilly has used his position of power on the network to prey on vulnerable women and attempt to force himself sexually on them--harassing subordinates with disgusting phone calls and threatening to fire them for not giving in to his lewd and misogynistic advances.

Enough is enough. Tell "The O'Reilly Factor" advertisers to #DropOReilly now!


Reasons for signing

  • I do not, have never, and will never support Bill CLinton, any of the bush presidents, or any of the past and present presidents, and that is final!!!! I do not support Randstad or Timothy Goode of the IMF/UN at all, Troy Black, or Arabs, muslims at the UN/world bank/imf/ifc, or muslims either, Citibank, or Capital one, or College Park MD, UMCP leaders ever, I do not support church ever, I support the police and I don't support rape. I do not support Arif Amjad or Preeti, or any indian, ...
  • This sicko, woman beating, THUG lowlife needs to go SAP! He is a scumbag and racist asshole good riddance
  • Money is what forces his firing. Not ethics. Not advertising will cause him to be fired. Rules should have him fired not money!!!!

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