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To: St. Anne Township Road Commissioner/ Kankakee County Road Commissioner

West Guertin Street Residents ONLY

This campaign has ended.

During construction and until West Guertin Street is no longer gravel, we are requesting that travel be limited to local traffic only, diverting trucks, heavy machinery and vehicles with trailers off of West Guertin Street from the Route 1 intersection on the west end to South Chicago Avenue on the East end. We are also requesting that the speed limit be dropped to 20 mph and strictly enforced.

Why is this important?

As residents of West Guertin Street, we have been subjected to large amounts of gravel dust and deteriorating road conditions since construction began on our road last Winter. This is a heavily traveled route by locals, farmers and truck drivers alike, making their way to Indiana and as a shortcut to Interstate 65. Gravel roads are not intended to handle traffic of this magnitude. The dust clouds that this non-stop traffic has produced and continues to produce are detrimental to our health. We are breathing this into our lungs, day and night. Many of our neighbors suffer from allergies and asthma, making the dust an even more critical issue for them. Because of the dust, we cannot open our windows, sit on our porches, swim in our pools, enjoy our yards, hang clothes on the line. Our gas and electric bills have increased because of the constant air conditioner/furnace use. Our grass, trees, bushes and flower gardens are all covered in a thick layer of gray dust. When we do yardwork, it gets kicked up. Grit gets into our eyes. Due to the deteriorating road conditions, when the larger vehicles pass through, at speeds exceeding the posted speed limit, chunks of road are being thrown into yards, damaging personal property, including our cars and our homes, along with endangering our safety. As Summer comes to an end and Harvest is on the horizon, we expect traffic to double and conditions to worsen. We are asking that urgently needed changes be made to how the heavy traffic flow is handled to improve our air quality and overall quality of life on West Guertin Street until this construction is complete.

How it will be delivered

In person, at a St. Anne Village Board Meeting


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