To: The Alaska State House, The Alaska State Senate, and Governor Mike Dunleavy

End Child Hunger

Ask the chairman of the House Finance Committee to allow Senate Bill 3 to come to a vote on the House Floor.

Why is this important?

Senate Bill 3 would provide money for school meals to hungry children. The School Meals Bill has been stalled in the House Finance Committee for four years.

"The Seward Phonenix Log columnist named Elstun Lauesen discovered the source of this moral irrationality, i.e. $8.2 billion in tax breaks for oil companies. It is called House Bill 110 and it is currently being fought by Senate Bill Wielechowski. Wielechowski is the sponsor for the School Meals Bill. Since he will not allow oil companies to receive billions in tax breaks without accountability, the House Finance Committee is “resolved” not to schedule any Bills, especially those sponsored by Wielechowski."

Please ask Alaska legislators to get this bill to a vote.