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To: The Center on Colfax, Denver Pride.

End Corporate' sponsorship of Denver Pride

Corporations who sponsor Denver pride have donated over $1.5 million to anti-LGBTQ politicians and legislation. In 2020, Coors donated more than $213,320 to Republican, anti-LGBTQ campaigns. Eleven times what that donated to pro-LGBTQ organizations. Coors doesn't care about LGBTQ individuals or their rights. The Center on Colfax needs to end Coors' sponsorship of Pride.

•In 2020, Coors Light donated $237,000 to anti-LGBTQ political campaigns.This trend continued in 2022 with Coors donating nearly $211,00, to date, to anti-lgbtq causes. Coors also founded the Heritage Foundation.

Coors is not an ally of the LGBTQ community. They are commodifying our identities and appropriating our political and cultural revolution. They are profiting off of us, then using those profits to invest in anti-LGBTQ legsitaion. Pride belongs to us, not the corporations.
Sign our petition and tell the center to kick Coors out of Pride!

Why is this important?

Pride was not created to be a party. It was civil unrest to fight against police brutality and to celebrate who we are and fight for equality and justice. This cannot happen when organizers of pride are in bed with a corporation who funds campaigns to turn the clock back on our fight for equality.
The Center on Colfax must end oors' sponsorship of Pride today. Pride was, and always should be, a grassroots movement.

How it will be delivered

And the end of the campaign, petitions will be delivered in person, with a press conference,


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But we need more. We need to send a loud, clear message to The Center on Colfax and Denver Pride that taking money for organizations who spend more to support individuals and organizations who do harm, roll back rights, and strip LGBTQ+ community members of protections is not acceptable. Please share this petition with your friends and help us reach our goal of 1,000 signatures before Pride weekend.

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