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To: Let Twin Cities media stations know we have had enough of their helicopters circling our homes, which negatively affects our emotional and mental well being.

End Helicopter Harassment in South Minneapolis

End Helicopter Harassment in South Minneapolis

How much value do you put on your quality of life. Would nonstop helicopters circling over your home bother you? After the trauma our neighborhood has endured, each time a helicopter circles over our homes we are reliving the tragic events surrounding the murder of George Floyd.
With the technology of drones and reporters on scene, there is no legitimate reason to continue harassing, and further traumatizing the people of South Minneapolis with helicopters.

Why is this important?

We need to have our voices heard and find a solution that will allow us to begin healing as a community.
We need to be louder than the unrelenting helicopters.
Please join us by signing this petition so we can let the news media in the Twin Cities know how their thoughtless actions are negatively affecting our quality of life and demand they stop harassing us with helicopters.

Reasons for signing

  • It's not just news stations, the Twin Cities aviation folks abuse our airspace. There are planes and helicopters constantly. Sometimes, it gets so bad, I go to dark places. I want respite.
  • I live here!


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