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End Negligence In Healthcare workers

End Negligence In Healthcare workers

Hello my name is Joy Byerly I’m 26 years old and I got very mistreated during my hospital stay. I got tested positive for Covid August 17th 2021. Fighting for my life . I was hospitalized and when the high output oxygen was not working to keep my oxygen level high enough to sustain me it was determined I should be intubated. The Doctor straight up told my parents that I was going to die once I was on the ventilator. Regardless of any effort to save me. I sure proved them wrong. With being intubated I developed a sacrum pressure sore that developed passed a stage four from not getting turned while being intubated. Come to find out when I got it the nursing and tech staff did not help turn me to keep me off my sore or help clean me. I would have a bowl movement and they would leave me several hours sitting in my own waste with it going into my wound. Due to the neglect of the nurses this caused me to have two debridement surgeries and I’m still having to wear a wound vac in my bed sore as of today and it’s been 5 months since my beginning journey of the horrible nightmare. I’m still unable to work or take care of myself. My family is taking care of me and paying all of my bills. This is just beyond horrible. Now with the new law that was passed in Texas in June of 2021 you are no longer allowed to file a neglect lawsuit on the front line workers. ie: anyone taking care of a Covid-19 patient. Since I had neglect I almost died multiple times and got a severe wound that was on the verge of sepsis. Now I can’t sue them so I have to deal with this and start my life all over. It’s not just me, there are many people out there dying and having more problems just like me . People don’t know but they literally give you IV steroids to heal your inflamed lungs that is very harmful to your kidneys and can cause them to stop functioning. There are better choices of IV steroids that are not harmful to your kidneys but as I said before care was not the concern for Covid patients. So we as the people need to stop this and fight to abolish this law.

Why is this important?

If it was you in this position or your family or your close friends, what would you do to help save them or fight for them. We have to fight to save our loved ones. I’m not just fighting for me I’m fighting for my uncle that passed away from Covid that was neglected as well and all the other people that have died along the way due to negligence of the nurses and doctors. We need to stand up to the governor of Texas and contact our state representatives to have this law revoked. Nurses and doctors should not be allowed to mistreat and abuse patients just because they were diagnosed with Covid-19. The sole purpose of malpractice insurance is to protect the innocent victims from negligent health care.


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