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To: US Senators must change the Senate rules.

End the filibuster NOW and get to work!!!

End the filibuster NOW and get to work!!!

We elect you to do a job, not play "reindeer games" with each other! The filibuster does NOTHING to improve the lives of your constituents. All it does is allow Senators to engage in power trips with each other, which invites the most childish behavior! Focus on improving our nation and its standing in the world: this will keep you plenty busy!

Why is this important?

When we elect people, we are hiring them to do a job! The Senate wastes tons of time, and the filibuster is one of the biggest time wasters. The People are overdue in reprimanding them. No employer would ever put up with an employee rule like the filibuster (that it takes a super majority to agree that it is time to get to work)!

Reasons for signing

  • The more I learn about the filibuster, the more I believe that it has got to go! Look at how much more the House gets done without it!


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