To: FIFA, Executives

Equal Pay for USA's Women's World Cup Champions!

Tell FIFA Executives that Team USA’s Women’s World Cup Champions deserve equal pay for their enormous feat. No champion should be stiffed of pay because of their gender.

Why is this important?

The USA’s National Women’s team just won their THIRD World Cup, but FIFA is still treating our champions as second-class citizens.

The high-profile Women’s World Cup final match shattered television records with over 25 million viewers -- making it the most watched soccer game in U.S. history.(1) Yet, our world champions are being paid FORTY TIMES LESS than their male counterparts did for LOSING the World Cup last year during the first round ($576 million vs. $15 million)!(2)

FIFA, which generates billions in revenue, also forced women — but not the men — to play this year’s World Cup on artificial turf. This not only increased the risk of injury, but also increased temperatures on the field by 20-30 degrees. During tournament, field temperatures reached 120 degrees.(3)

It is no secret that gender-pay disparity runs rampant in the United States with women making 78 cents per dollar to men.(4) And this blatant pay discrimination by FIFA may be the most extreme case yet.

It is time for FIFA’s executives to take a stand for equal pay, stop underscoring our heroic female leaders, and provide them with the same awards and privileges as men. Join me to stand alongside women and men all across the globe to right this injustice and ensure that our champions and all women receive equal pay.

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Reasons for signing

  • to make a impact
  • I strongly support the effort to secure equal pay for women soccer players. In fact, they may deserve higher pay than men soccer players.
  • Women are human beings. We are not less than men. You are lucky these incredible athletes are only asking for equal pay and not wages based on merit. You cannot continue to make money off of their backs without paying them fairly. This is disgusting and shame on anyone treating them this way.

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