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To: Eric Adams, Democratic nominee for mayor of New York

Mayoral Nominee Eric Adams: We Need You to be a Climate Champion!

Mayoral Nominee Eric Adams: We Need You to be a Climate Champion!

Be a climate leader! Make confronting the climate crisis and investing in a resilient New York a top priority of your campaign. It's not an after thought—it's essential to the working class coalition you have built. And it needs your leadership now.

Why is this important?

Subway stations flooded when a fierce storm blows through town. Roadways turned into swamps. The threats of blackouts in record-breaking heat waves.

These are conditions New Yorkers have experienced in the past few days—and it's only getting worse as our climate crisis intensifies.

Climate change isn't some far-off threat. It's hurting New Yorkers now, and revealing the crumbling infrastructure our great city relies on.

Yet, the Democratic nominee and likely next mayor, Eric Adams, has not fashioned himself a leader on climate and resiliency. While he has good ideas, they are buried in a laundry list of policies on his website. Preparing our city for climate catastrophes can't be a side project: It needs to be a central, driving vision of the next Mayor.

And it's a real opportunity. A Green New Deal is an economic driver that would invest in union jobs and workforce development. Getting our city off of fossil fuels would make us a national and global leader. And many of the bold policies to meet this moment—from using our city's procurement power to force changes in national food systems to reimagining streets as public spaces in an effort to reduce reliance on cars—relate to issues that Adams has shown he personally cares deeply about.

Adams has built a multi-racial, 5-borough, working- and middle-class coalition to secure the Democratic nomination. Now he has the opportunity and the duty to meld that coalition with a stirring vision for confronting the climate crisis. He can demonstrate that climate change is a working class issue (the images of flooded subways and roadways leave no doubt).

But we need him to use his political capital now as the Democratic nominee to talk about a sustainable, resilient, greener New York every day, and to make sure bold plans for green infrastructure and getting New York off fossil fuels are central to his campaign if they are going to be prioritized in his administration.


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