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To: President Donald Trump and The United States Congress

Every United States Citizen Must Be Allowed to Vote by Mail

Every United States Citizen Must Be Allowed to Vote by Mail

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it's time for the United States to create a universal vote-by-mail system.

Why is this important?

The best way to start preparing our Democracy for the next flu season is to ensure that every United States citizen has the ability to cast their ballot by mail.

Already in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, virtually all voting is done remotely, generally with an option to mail in ballots or drop them off at voting centers or in special drop boxes.

We know this process works. In the 2018 general election, these states averaged turnout 10 percent higher than the country as a whole.

Too many states were unprepared for the Coronavirus pandemic during their primary elections. Such results would be a disaster for our democracy in November.

Please join with us in demanding a universal vote-by-mail system now!


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