To: The United States House of Representatives

Exempt Housing Assistance from Sequestration Cuts.

Stop the sequestration cuts to housing assistance from becoming permanent. The cuts will not only increase homelessness, which is wrong and inhumane, but will also cost taxpayers more money in the long run to fix.

Why is this important?

At a time of severe economic hardship for Americans living at or near poverty, cuts to housing assistance programs will only result in increasing the numbers of individuals and families becoming homeless. This is not only an inhumane policy but one that will cost taxpayers much more to fix in the long run. As someone who has benefited from housing assistance, I know how vitally important and worth saving these programs are.


Reasons for signing

  • Our family is about to become homeless; After over 50 years our family home is being taken away from us. Because of Neglect, critical issues our local health and human services created for our family; I am a single mother, care for my disabled brother for over 30 years; home needs major repairs, and continued delays.. it's a bit time mess..we are trying to file a law suit against what the county neglect did... This case has merit.. but we have not money for legal fees...I am working on this...
  • Enough is enough, and too much makes even a dog sick. No more cuts for the poor will be tolerated.
  • To the "CHRISTIANS" in congress whom vote against helping the poor by reducing or eliminating benefits while giving all to the MIC and the 1%'ers I send greetings from your final destination. Make sure you pack SPF infinity as you will need it.