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To: All sane US Americans

Expel traitors, Amanda Chase and David LaRock, from Virginia's General Assembly

Section 7 of Article IV of the Virginia Constitution states that the House and Senate may “with the concurrence of two-thirds of its elected membership, may expel a member.”

Amanda Chase and David LaRock are seditious traitors and need to be held to account for their involvement in the Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. This was nothing but a display of white supremacy.

Why is this important?

We cannot continue to normalize white supremacy in this country. The display at the Capitol was nothing more than a stand for white supremacy. Neither seditious Amanda Chase nor treasonous David LaRock should ever be allowed to step foot in the Capitol of Virginia again.

These elected officials either don't understand the concepts as set forth in the US or the Virginia Constitutions or they don't understand basic math that 81 million > 72 million and 306 > 232. Either scenario makes each unfit to serve as an elected official in Virginia.


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