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To: Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Congress

Expel ALL members of Congress who supported the insurrection

Expel any members of Congress who coordinated and supported the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. It was a violent assault that cost lives, and members of Congress who coordinated illegal or violent activity with organizers cannot serve in the U.S. Congress and should be brought to justice.

Our democracy is sacred, and all members of Congress who bought into Trump’s conspiracy theory to sabotage elections and participated in the attempted coup should be held accountable immediately.

Why is this important?

Violent insurrectionists attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021, seeking to overturn the results of the election, leading to a number of deaths and hundreds injuries in one of the bloodiest day in the history of the U.S. Capitol.

Republican members of Congress spoke at their rally, have cheered and honored them, and have obstructed efforts to investigate this insurrection. Since last year, there have been reports of Republican representatives and their staff who may have been communicating with the insurrectionists in the days before and during the violence.

In October 2021, the Rolling Stone reported that two of the rally organizers confirm that members of Congress—including Republican Representatives Greene, Gosar, Biggs, Brooks, Boebert, Cawthorn, and Gohmert—and their staff coordinated directly in the planning of the protests and even dangled promises of presidential pardons for acts of lawlessness.

If the January 6 Committee turns up credible evidence that members of Congress aided and abetted violence aimed at overturning our elections, Congress must vote to expel them immediately.


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