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To: Speaker of the U.S. House Hon. Nancy Pelosi

Expel U.S. Rep. Bob Good, VA-CD-5, from the U.S. Congress

Expel U.S. Rep. Bob Good, VA-CD-5, from the U.S. Congress

Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Good of Virginia's 5th Congressional District has committed treason by attacking our Democratic institutions and our constitution to which he pledged an oath to defend and attempted to overthrow the government. Members of Congress who commit treason and encourage insurrection are not fit to remain in office and serve the people. His own Chief of Staff and her husband participated in "The Trump Mob" that attacked the U.S. Capitol. I would like the Hon. Nancy Pelosi to start the process to expel Rep. Bob Good from the U.S. Congress.

Why is this important?

U.S. Rep. Bob Good has defended baseless claims of voter fraud instigated by Donald Trump and other Republicans. He unjustifiably objected to the certification of electoral votes from the State of Pennsylvania and the State of Wisconsin. His actions fueled and encouraged domestic terrorism, an attempted coup and insurrection by those who vandalized the U.S. Capitol.


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