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To: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Expulsion of Buddy Carter from Congress

Buddy Carter must be expelled from Congress.
Carter has committed Treason by attacking state authority to which he owes allegiance and attempted to overthrow the government. Members of Congress who commit treason and encourage insurrection are not fit to remain in office and serve the people. Buddy Carter must be immediately removed from office.

Why is this important?

US Congressman Buddy Carter of the 1st District Georgia (R) action is a threat to our democracy and freedom. Buddy Carter has defended baseless claims of voter fraud instigated by Donald Trump and other Republicans. He pushed to disenfranchise thousands of voters (particularly those of color), thus violating the Voting Right and Civil Right acts. He signed an amicus brief (a friend of the court brief), supporting the Texas lawsuit in an attempt by Texas to overturn the presidential election results in Georgia and three other states. He unjustifiably objected to the certification of electoral votes from the State of Georgia. His actions fueled and encouraged domestic terrorism, an attempted coup and insurrection by those who vandalized the U.S.Capitol building. Tell the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to expel Congressman Buddy Carter.


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