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To: Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell

Extend the federal eviction moratorium immediately

Extend the federal eviction moratorium immediately

We are calling on Congress to immediately pass a federal eviction moratorium to protect millions of Americans from becoming homeless during the coronavirus crisis.

Why is this important?

The federal moratorium banning evictions ended on July 31, and as many as 23 million renters could get evicted from their homes by the end of September.

And it's not only the low-income families who are at risk of losing their homes. There are many wealthier families now facing homelessness for the first time. When all of these families are evicted from their homes, they may end up homeless or have to navigate our nation's overcrowded and sometimes dangerous shelter systems—during a health pandemic.
The executive director of Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio warns: "I've never seen this many people poised to lose their housing in a such a short period of time. This is a huge disaster that is beginning to unfold."

The president of the National Low Income Housing Coalition is sounding the alarm: "The wave of evictions has already begun, and now Congress needs to act to prevent it from becoming a tsunami."

Millions of American families are living in fear. The families' breadwinners lost their jobs; they've lost their federal unemployment benefits because Congress let them expire on July 31; and now they're facing a countdown to eviction.

Putting families out on the street, especially now, is unconscionable, and it will hurt our nation's children. A researcher on evictions writes that "the end of the moratoriums might mean millions of students lose their homes just as the school year starts, beginning the semester dogged by a process that would throw their lives into even greater chaos." Kids staying in homeless shelters or sharing crowded homes will have a very tough time learning, especially because they likely won't have access to internet to participate in classes online. And kids may even go hungry because living on the brink of eviction results in "a 450 percent increase in child food insecurity."

Millions of Americans and their children are at risk of homelessness. We are demanding Congress immediately pass a long-term moratorium on evictions to protect them.

Reasons for signing

  • A huge number of the unemployed are unemployed for reasons outside of their control. Throwing people out of their homes during a pandemic is heartless and cruel. Its within the federal government's control to save peoples lives and that is what needs to happen NOW!
  • Because no one is listening! We are going to be homeless.


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