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To: City of Wichita, McAdams Park Visitors

Fair McAdams Parking

Fair McAdams Parking

On behalf of League 42 Parents, coaches, and visitors, we would like to have the McAdams Park Parking lot in front of the McAdams Recreation Center, open to parking for anyone in the vicinity at a first come first serve basis. No cones should block off reserved parking for any reason. Especially not the handicapped parking.

For 3 years I personally have been with League 42. There has always been some parking spots reserved with cones for the recreation people. My first year, three years ago, it was only a select few spots reserved, along the entrance of the recreation center. My second year the number of reserved spots increased to at least a dozen and expanded over into the next line of parking spots. This is when individuals who were coming for baseball games started to move the cones themselves and park. This year there has been a pair of ladies whom have taken upon themselves to become the parking lot cone police. They have waited for anyone to back out of spot and immediately claim it with a cone anywhere in the lot. Even if someone was patiently waiting to take the spot, these women would tell them no to go else where. They have approached any individual who dares to move their cone and threatens to take a tag number if you don’t move. These women are not nice at all, and can be intimidating to some individuals. We are talking about these women rushing families with one to as many as five kids. They rush the handicap, they have even claimed the handicap parking for non handicapped people.

League 42 has approximately 600 kids enrolled to play this year. Not all 600 kids play at once on three fields. Monday through Friday each field has at least two games played. That is a total of 18 teams of 13 kids. That is 234 kids playing in one night from 5:45pm to approximately 10pm. Of course all games have different time lengths for every corresponding age group. So not all 234 kids are at the park at one time. With this being said, there are 4 parking lots accessible for parking. Two of the parking lots are across the street and a walk from the ball parks. One parking lot is right by the older kids ball fields. And the other is the McAdams Park parking lot. With this parking lot being right by the turf Tball field, we have a lot of families trying to park here with young children under the age of 8yrs old.

Some Saturdays are booked for make up games, showcases and even pictures. This past Saturday 6/11/2022 was the Saturday reserved for pictures from 8am to 2:15 pm. There were also some games played. By 12:30pm these ladies had reserved spots throughout the parking lot. They proceeded to stand at the entrance of the lot and not let any baseball affiliated cars in the parking lot. At some point a police officer did come out and he just went along with keeping recreational only in. By 1:30pm the parking lot was half empty but no one was aloud in to park.

We are not asking to claim the parking lot in front of the McAdams Recreation center. We are asking for the parking harassment to come to an end. There are families who have special needs and need the handicap. There are coaches who have all the equipment and coolers to haul for the games. There are families who have young children to corral to the field. Every family pays to play. Every individual who signs up for a recreation event at McAdams pays to participate. It should be fair for all of us, to park without being harassed. This parking lot can be shared and should be shared on a first come first served basis. Our baseball season runs April to June. We are only asking to share during these months.

Why is this important?

Each child that pays to play is different. Some of the children that play are autistic, asthmatic and have other allergies. Some of these children have a parent/guardian or a sibling with handicap needs. Some parents and coaches get to the ball park at an early time to get a parking spot in this parking lot to save themselves a hassle. If the parking lot is full, then they can go and park at a different lot. If the parking lot is half claimed by cones for people who aren’t even present to claim a spot, then it should be fair for anyone to park. No matter what the reason is for someone wanting to park in this lot, they should all have the fair chance to park if the spot is available and legal.


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