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To: Representative Jennifer Leeper, Representative Tony Hwang, Congressman Jim Himes, Senator Chris Murphy, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Lamont

Fairfield Citizens Against I-95 Noise

Campaign created by
Grace Healey
Fairfield Citizens Against I-95 Noise

Dear CT State Representatives,

We are residents of Fairfield, Connecticut who are severely impacted by the noise emanating from I-95. Over the years, the noise levels from the highway have become increasingly loud, far exceeding the Federally mandated levels. As a result, the homes in our neighborhoods have been subjected to amplified noise levels and air pollution. We are sure that you are aware of the substantial detrimental effects that noise pollution can have, both on one’s health as well as quality of life. As such, our neighborhoods are respectfully requesting that the State construct noise barriers in our area.

It is our understanding that in order for a Type 2 “Retrofit” noise barrier to be constructed, a legislator must propose a bill specifically requiring DOT to construct the barrier at a particular location, including a specific appropriation or bond authorization sufficient to fund the project. We also understand that there has been no State funding allocated for these types of noise barriers since 1987; However, with President Biden’s recent infrastructure legislation, we implore you to advocate for the building of these barriers in our area, specifically between Exit 20 to Exit 22.

This project is a once in lifetime opportunity for the State to take action to improve the health and well-being of its residents, as many other states are doing and have done. We also understand that according to, noise remediation will increase property values/assessments and contribute additional revenue to the Town long after the project has been completed. In essence, those most effected by noise remediation will pay for it through our taxes and that will benefit the larger community. 

We realize you have a lot on your desk, but we ask that you prioritize this issue which impacts so many of your residents. This type of project could become a hallmark of your administration, and reap benefits for Connecticut as a whole.

Fairfield, CT Residents

Why is this important?

CT DOT must reduce noise pollution on I-95 for its residents.

Exposure to traffic noise is associated with stress and sleep disturbances. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that road traffic noise increases the risk for ischemic heart disease and potentially other cardiometabolic diseases, including stroke, obesity, and diabetes (April, 2020).

In addition to quiet paving, quiet joints, and noise barriers, trees and vegetation are another highly effective strategy to reduce noise pollution.

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