To: Frederick W Smith, CEO, FedEx, David Bronczek, President & COO, FedEx, Alan Graf, Exec VP & CFO, FedEx, FedEx Office of Corporate Integrity & Compliance, and Patrick Fitzgerald, SVP, Integrated Marketing & Communications

FedEx: End your partnership with the NRA

Stop the immoral business alliance with the National Rifle Association. Join other corporations in putting the NRA on notice that it's time for a change.

Why is this important?

FedEx, along with other corporations, has partnership agreements with the NRA to provide service discounts to its members. This acts as a sign-up incentive for new subscribers. The NRA currently has over 5 million members who currently pay $40 annually for that status.

The NRA has lobbied lawmakers consistently and successfully against any meaningful restrictions on the sale of assault weapons. They have put gun industry profits above people and principle. The millions of dollars they funnel into the campaigns of lawmakers to protect their interests ensure that commonsense gun legislation remains elusive.

It's time the NRA is put on notice that the time for change is here. They should not be given credibility through alliances with corporations such as FedEx.