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To: Governor DeSantis, Florida State House and Senate

Fire Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz!

We the undersigned call for removing Manny Diaz from his position as Florida Education Commissioner. Under his watch, new standards for African American history were adopted that are an insult to historical accuracy and mislead students. Slavery is abhorrent; there has never been any benefit to the enslaved, only unspeakable horrors. While the new standards make it sound like there were two sides, there is no moral equivalency. African Americans were the victims of slavery and its Jim Crow aftermath. Period.

Enough is enough. These egregious standards are the last straw in a series of outrageous distortions, propaganda, and censorship by the DeSantis administration and the Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz in their orchestrated “War on Woke” and their attempts to dismantle public education. There must be accountability. Manny Diaz must be removed from his position as Commissioner of Education and all involved in the writing or approval of this harmful curriculum including Dr. Frances Rice, Dr. William B. Allen, and those responsible on Florida’s African American History Standards Workgroup must be immediately removed from any position that can affect the education of our students.

Why is this important?

DeSantis, Diaz, and the Florida Department of Education are deceiving our students and enacting dangerous curriculum changes that will indoctrinate not educate.


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