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To: Bravo fans

Fire LeeAnne Locken because she is a racist and showing her true colors on national television

Fire LeeAnne Locken because she is a racist and showing her true colors on national television

I want her fired from The Real Housewives of Dallas because she has said very racist things about another cast member and it’s not OK!!

Why is this important?

It is important because it is not ok to act this way and represent your hateful side (racist side) on a show that is supposed to be fun, not cruel.

Reasons for signing

  • LeeAnne is clearly racist. No one is that ignorant in these very sensitive times. LeeAnne is disgusting and should be ashamed of herself. I am a loyal Bravo fan to every franchise...since its inception, but I will not watch Bravo moving forward because they are supporting racism by not terminating her. Put simply...Bravo is perpetuating the racism by not dealing with her. I don't know what's more horrifying...LeeAnnes behavior or Bravo perpetuating it!
  • She’s too unpredictable. Good TV and outright racist meltdowns are two different things. I hate to participate in a witch hunt but she needs to be made an example. Look what happened to Megyn Kelly! They crucified and fired her for a comment taken out of context. I think Bravo should put their foot down on this.
  • She’s a Racist and a danger to anyone around her. Her actions are deplorable. FIRE Her!


2020-01-28 12:29:15 -0500

1,000 signatures reached

2020-01-17 03:13:08 -0500

So far we are getting close to 1,000 signatures. I am also excited to announce that this petition was mentioned again in an article about LeeAnne Locken!! Things are going quite well but we just need more signatures. Thank you to those of you that have signed and posted how you feel about LeeAnne!! Xo JHM

2020-01-09 02:39:34 -0500

500 signatures reached

2019-12-18 22:44:45 -0500

100 signatures reached

2019-12-13 20:52:48 -0500

50 signatures reached

2019-12-12 17:47:30 -0500

25 signatures reached

2019-11-23 12:03:41 -0500

10 signatures reached

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