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Fix the MTA!

We support a Charter Amendment to reform the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA / MTA) and request that the District Supervisors support a ballot initiative to let the voters decide.

It is Muni’s job to get us where we need to go, not tell us how to get there.

Why is this important?

Since San Francisco voters and city officials handed authority for managing our streets, traffic, parking, Muni, and taxis to the SFMTA, all those systems have deteriorated. SFMTA spends more money and delivers less service per capita than any comparable transit system in the country.

Claims of fraudulent accounting practices, handshake deals, and preferential treatment, are running rampant. Muni drivers have a class action suit pending and there are a number of CEQA appeals winding their way through the courts.

Reduced parking and restricted traffic lanes have created daily gridlock. San Francisco is now rated the third worst in the country for parking. The congestion parking schemes do not work as promised and the MTA has no real plan to deal with the increase in traffic that new development will inevitably bring.

We have lost faith in the SFMTA and are fed up with promises of future visions of grandeur. Muni delivers less than 98.5% of scheduled service and has never met 85% of on time performance.

Everyone complains about lack of notice, public outreach and citizen involvement in developing and approving citywide transit projects.

Plans to revise Muni lines, along with threats to raise rates, fees and fines, have turned many Muni riders against the SFMTA and customer satisfaction is at an all time low. Residents are unlikely to support any new fares, fines, fees, bonds, or other funding measures to dig the SFMTA out of its financial hole.

The SFMTA has lost the trust of residents and we believe the only way out of this mess is to pass a Charter Amendment to fix the MTA. Please sign the petition, leave your comments, join us or work with neighborhood groups to help us fix the MTA.

Thank you for your support. Use the comments to let city officials know how you feel about the MTA when you sign the petition. Emails are required to avoid double signatures, but they are blind.


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