To: Bill Mick, Program Director

Force WMMB in Melbourne, FL to remove Rush Limbaugh from the air!

We, the decent people of the Melbourne, Florida community, demand the removal of Rush Limbaugh from your programming at WMMB because his heinous remarks about Sandra Fluke are intolerable and his apology was insincere after a four-day attack. We demand his removal from your programming list immediately!

Why is this important?

Recently, Rush Limbaugh went on a four day rampage against Georgetown University student Sandra Flukes. It included puerile name=calling after he was warned by his sponsors and Clear Channel to stop but he kept going. It's cost him more than 140 sponsors but Clear Channel hasn't gotten the message yet. What his rampage was really about was to frighten all women everywhere into not asking for their reproductive rights! Sign this petition and force WMMB talk radio in Melbourne to remove him from their station! We don't need or want this hateful man to influence any more men to make decisions for women or verbally batter them!