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Foreclosures as temporary housing following a natural disaster

Allow vacant and foreclosed properties to be used as temporary housing for those most affected by natural disasters.

Why is this important?

This storm season has seen an unusual amount of damage to families, property and family stability. This is especially true given the current recession, with many folks living on the edge of sustainability. We're asking that those Americans most affected by natural disasters be allowed to live in vacant and foreclosed properties, rent free, for up to 6 months. Those banks who were given TARP funds would be asked to donate a small portion of their inventory of vacant and foreclosed properties, and assume the nominal property management fees during this 6 month period. We're asking banks who have received TARP funds in the past to now contribute, in a very particular way, to rebuilding America.


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  • I am really tired of hviang a government that lies to me, forces things that I don't want down my throat, and otherwise intrudes on my privacy and right to be left alone as long as I am a law abiding citizen. The choices being made FOR me have nothing to do with what may be in my (or any other citizen's) best interests.
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