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To: The Biden Administration

Free, high-quality, N95 masks for all!

Here we are, two years into the worst public health crisis in more than 100 years.

As you read this, the number of COVID-19 cases is skyrocketing to levels far greater than at any point in the crisis. Hospitalizations are on the rise. The United States — just 4 percent of the world’s population — once again accounts for almost 25% of the world’s coronavirus cases.

And here is what we do know: Masks work.

Every credible scientist tells us that wearing masks is critical to saving lives and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

We also know that not all masks are created equal.

N95 masks are far more effective than cloth masks in preventing the spread of COVID. 

That is why I am urgently calling for a simple and inexpensive way to protect Americans as the pandemic surges in state after state in this country: N95 masks for all. Add your name to my petition if you agree.

Why is this important?

Our goal must be to utilize the Defense Production Act to produce and deliver high-quality, N95 masks to every person in this country. The Defense Production Act was written explicitly for times like this, and it will mandate that manufacturers put in place additional capacity to meet the needs of the public and provide assistance to companies who want to begin producing N95 masks or scale up production.

We must work with state and local governments to deliver N95 masks to homeless shelters, jails, detention centers, testing sites, post officers, pharmacies and congregate care centers.

South Korea, one of the more successful countries in responding to the pandemic, began the process of procuring high-quality masks at the start of the pandemic and has provided them affordably to its citizens across the country.

And they aren’t alone. 

Other countries all around the world are sending masks to all of their people on a regular basis. We can - and should - do the same thing. 

Does anyone want to wear a mask wherever they go? Of course not.

Is wearing a mask one of the best ways to protect ourselves - and those around us - from getting the coronavirus? Yes, the science is clear.

So, if we know that masks work; if we know that masks save lives, then what we want to say is that we are going to provide every person in this country with N95 masks. And I think by doing that, we will not only save lives, but we will send a message to those who are skeptical that wearing a mask is very very important.

Masks for All.


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