To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Free Otto Warmbier

We demand the United States government immediately take action to free U.S. citizen and student, Otto Warmbier, from North Korea.

Why is this important?

Detained for the "crime" of having outspoken American ideals, Otto Warmbier has been subject to unjustified imprisonment and disgraceful violation of his civil liberties by the Repressed People's Dictatorship of North Korea.

This cannot continue.

We must protect the freedom of our citizens abroad.

The United States government must pursue any and all diplomatic action to secure Otto Warmbrier's freedom.


Reasons for signing

  • He's the all American kid- kick some ass and bring Otto home.
  • This punishment is extreme and not fitting for the crime.
  • This needs to be addressed. The sooner the better. The kid is an American citizen. Yeah, he messed up, but N. Korea can get over it. It was barely petty vandalism. The kid is being held as a scapegoat. He is paying penance for the perceived transgressions of a prosperous nation. We can do better, and I'm sure there is a SEAL team standing by that agrees with me. Realistically the President can only do so much during his tenure, but honestly I think he's got this one. #potus45