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To: President Joe Biden, AG Merrick Garland

Free Steven Donziger

We are calling on the Department of Justice to review Steven Donziger's case & for his release.

Why is this important?

Steven Donziger is a human rights attorney who won a massive settlement for people in Ecuador who were victims of oil pollution by Chevron. In response, Chevron—with the assistance of Federalist Society judges—have sought to as Chris Hedges wrote, "come after him, weaponizing litigation to destroy him economically, professionally, and personally."

Donziger's case was prosecuted by a "private prosecutor" because the government refused to take the case against him. The "prosecutors" were the law firm Seward & Kissel, a private firm with previous ties to Chevron.

His only offense was an alleged misdemeanor criminal contempt that would have warranted a jury trial under normal circumstances & if the sentence exceeded six months. While Donziger awaited judgement, he has been subject to an unduly harsh two years of house arrest and potentially tens of millions in legal fees.

An independent panel of human rights experts at the United Nations have argued his house arrest violates international law. Amnesty International has also called for Donziger's release.

On Wednesday, October 27, Donziger surrendered himself to federal authorities to begin a six month prison sentence.

We are calling for an immediate review of Donziger's case by the DOJ & for his swift release.


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