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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Freedom From War

We propose a civilian authority representative of all 7 billion+ human beings, independent from all existing international organizations, be permanently established with powers to intervene before or during any situation where human beings are killing other human beings.

Hostilities should be forcibly ceased by any means necessary including asset freezes, raids on private and corporate property, government shutdowns, incarcerations of officials or any other nonviolent measure which will effect the end of the violence.

Why is this important?

No person anywhere should be attacked and anyone who would commence an attack should be incapacitated in every way possible. Those who infict organized violence are rarely convinced to cease, however forcibly disabling ALL parties to a conflict is the most effective way to prevent human losses and hopefully deter such conflicts in advance.

Providing our species with an organization whose sole purpose is to intervene in response to and for the purpose of immediately ending hostile situations is the first step in ending all war for all time. Supposed peace organizations like the United Nations have failed to prevent or cease hostilities anywhere, from the smallest coups to the larger catastrophes like Iraq.

We propose this board have broad powers over international banking and trade so that if organized war is attempted this entity can incapacitate all sides in all conflicts so that never again will one entity be able to force their will upon another. Without such protections and freedoms from being forced to participate in war - whether through being shot at or being forced to pay for it with our taxes or our hearts - we are all victims.

The greatest tragedy of a war is the millions of voices begging for it to be over, voices that are routinely ignored. With a powerful independent assembly of civilian authorities, never again will organized war exist.