To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Full and fair Trump-Russia investigation now!

Create an independent commission and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and his associates' ties to Russia.

Why is this important?

Each week brings new revelations about Trump and his colleagues' ties to Russian efforts to sway U.S. elections. But we still don't know the extent of contact, or even collusion, between Trump campaign aides and administration officials and Russian intelligence, or Trump's own financial entanglements with Russia. From former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the deception continues to unfold.

Americans deserve to know the truth.

But the Department of Justice, even with the recusal of Jeff Sessions, can't deliver a truly independent investigation. And congressional committees have similarly demonstrated that they too are incapable of thorough independent investigations. Republican House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes stepped aside after unethically, and potentially illegally, meeting with Trump; and Republicans have voted again and again against independent investigations.

That's why, amid the near-constant drumbeat of news related to the Trump/Russia scandal, Congress must create a special, independent commission to lead an investigation, and the administration should appoint a special prosecutor charged with getting at the truth about Trump and his associates’ possible collusion with Russia.

Reasons for signing

  • Education & Economy: I want you to vote to remove trump and Mitch McConnell out of the Oval Office today. Flip the senate and take back the White House today. Education and Economy reopening all states and cities. Government Reopening all states and cities around the world and counties. Returning students back to school this year. Let’s Help to stop and slow the spread of virus.
  • Today is final vote to remove Trump and Jared Kushner and Mitch McConnell out of the Oval Office and Capital Hill. Five detainees have been cleared for release in a process involving six separate US intelligence agencies, yet they remain at the prison. Why? Because President Trump simply refuses to let anyone leave Guantánamo under his watch. Thanks Keshav for signing Draft Hillary Clinton for the 2020 Democratic Nomination for President
  • I will Stuck with the 45th Republican President to talk about Russia is a joke.