To: Chicago Public Schools

Social Workers for Chicago Public School Students

Our Chicago Public School students deserve to have a full team to meet their mental health needs, they deserve a school whose resources meet or exceed standards- today we are beginning by collectively calling on CPS to take a step toward that by ensuring that every single school has at least one full time social worker.

Why is this important?

We believe that every child in Chicago should have access to at least a full time social worker in every single Chicago Public School; the standard is 250 students to every 1 social worker in schools with a normal level of trauma and 50 students to 1 social worker in schools with high trauma.
The current ratio of students to social workers in CPS is 1053 students to every 1 social worker. Our kids deserve better, join us in demanding that our students have appropriate access to social workers in Chicago Public Schools.

Reasons for signing

  • Social workers and nurses are needed. Let’s get our kids back in school.
  • I am a retired CPS Social Worker with my MSW. For some children the trauma begins before they ever leave for school when families argue. This is continued at school when they are bullied on the play ground then they walk through a gun detector .. They are still thinking about the argument at home when all of the books fall out of their locker as he turns the corner to go to class someone remarks at the holes in his shoes. this is a {normal child Parents are not on drugs , they go to chur...
  • I will love to be a school social worker. I unfortunately have to wait until Fall 2020 to obtain my type 73. Thank god I am not required anymore to take an ACT or Basic Skills test. I feel I can be beneficial to the children especially for children who are bilingual like myself.

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