To: Berkeley City Council, Councilmembers and Berkeley City Council, Councilmembers

Fund Affordable Housing Now

We respectfully request that the Berkeley City Council adequately fund affordable housing. Specifically:

• Provide $150,000 to $250,000 predevelopment funds to multiple non-profits to prepare competitive applications for regional, state and federal funding cycles

• Place $1,000,000 into Berkeley Housing Trust Fund to encourage quick development of affordable housing units

• Increase the amount of Affordable housing available for students, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and the homeless and improve the Rental Housing Safety Program

Why is this important?

We need Council to support increased funding for affordable housing.

At the October 27, 2015 Council meeting the City Council will vote on several measures that will help kick start the development of new affordable housing. Please sign the petition requesting funding NOW!

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