To: Gen. Yoweri Museveni, Dictator of Ugandan

Gen. Yoweri Museveni Must Resign -- Unleashed Violence Against Uganda's Women

Following the sexual assault against a female opposition politician, Ms. Zaina Fatuma, by his politicized police while "arresting" her -- one of many such incidents -- the best thing that Gen. Yoweri Museveni can do for Uganda is to resign.

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Why is this important?

The dictator has been in power for 30 years now and must resign.

As elections approach in February 2016, his repression has gotten out of hand. Recently in a wild tirade he promised to "smash" his political opponents.

Soon after that outburst, on October 10, his security forces abused and molested a woman, Ms. Zaina Fatuma, who is a leading member of Uganda's leading opposition political party Forum for Democratic Change.

(Please share this ugly video of Ms. Fatuma's abuse with all your friends so the true nature of the Museveni regime is known to the world.)

Ms. Fatuma was part of a convoy traveling with Dr. Kizza Besigye, leader of the FDC and presidential candidate, to address supporters in Western Uganda.

The convoy was ambushed by police, who threw spiked belts on the road causing a major chain-accident of car crashes. It was a miracle no one was killed. Ms. Fatuma was arrested with other FDC party members -- she was the only one stripped naked by male and female officers.

Sexually assaulting female opposition leaders has become a pattern in Uganda -- in April 2012, Ingrid Turinawe, a key FDC leader, was dragged out of her car by her breasts while being arrested in broad daylight.

Gen. Museveni, who fears a popular uprising, pushed through a law called Public Order Management, which makes illegal a meeting of three or more Ugandans without permission of his feared police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Gen. Museveni has also been training civilians into armed militias called "Crime Preventers." Many people believe these militias will be unleashed to intimidate and brutalize supporters of opposition parties before, during and after elections. Some are as young as 10 years old, as photos posted on the official State House Facebook page shows. Gen. Museveni used child-soldiers years ago when he was a militia leader before he came to power.

In the West, Gen. Museveni is known mostly for his attacks against LGBTs, such as when he told CNN that gays are "disgusting."

However, little is known about his brutality against all Ugandans -- often not mentioned in Western media.

All parts of Uganda have been touched by Gen. Museveni's tyranny: millions have perished, including in confinement camps for 20 years in its Acholi region. He has also caused the deaths of millions of Africans in Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan with his military invasions.

Finally, his top officials have been abandoning him. His former prime minister and Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Party (NRM) party until last year, Mr. Amama Mbabazi, is now running for president against him.

Even with the political repression and attacks against Ugandan women, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Uganda on November 27, 2015. Will the pope ask his host, the dictator, about his attacks on women?

The atmosphere of violence unleashed by Gen. Museveni will only worsen heading into the elections. He cannot win a free-and-fair vote, but will rely on rigging with his hand-picked election commission and violence by his police, army, and militias.

Museveni's own party, the NRM, should replace him with another candidate and force him to retire.

Gen. Museveni knows that he can only retain power through violence.

Uganda has suffered enough.

He must RESIGN.


Reasons for signing

  • This dictatorship must end!!!
  • chameleonic constitutional rape @ whim is a precursor to so many other rape forms - unacceptable in normal Human Rights' Respectful societies. Ug. prez, resign & let new leaders restore constitutional sanity, such as the return to a two term limit to the presidency i.e. healthy limits - before a president gets dangerously drunk and/or corrupted with limitless plus unbridled powers. Uganda is now littered with numerous examples of casualties resulting from attempts to yet more constitutional a...
  • Enough is Enough