To: Sayreville Board of Education

George Najjar: Commitment and Character

As former football players of Sayreville War Memorial High School, we fully support George Najjar and attest to his commitment and character to the Sayreville community.

Why is this important?

To Whom it May Concern:

First and foremost, we offer our heartfelt support to any victims and their families that have been hurt during these difficult times.

The purpose of this statement is to briefly convey our support and appreciation for George Najjar. Although we as former players have graduated during different eras, we have witnessed the consistency of his character and dedication to uplifting the youth of the Sayreville community. In short, George Najjar defines our team motto of "Commitment and Character." We thereby respectfully ask the Sayreville Board of Education to take into consideration our comments when making a decision on Coach Najjar's future as the football coach of Sayreville High School.