To: KOA 850

Get Rush Limbaugh off the air

Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University, became the latest target of Mr. Limbaugh's inflammatory rhetoric. In using words like "slut" and "prostitute", Mr. Limbaugh was continuing conduct that is an insult to media. Those of us who are civil minded peacemakers feel that the time has come to end a decade of rude behavior. We stand behind Sandra and all the other victims of Mr. Limbaugh's verbal abuse in requesting that he not only be removed from the air in Denver but removed from the air entirely and FOREVER.

Why is this important?

The time to end the hateful and negative message of Rush Limbaugh has come. His recent comments about women are only the latest example of rhetoric that should never be tolerated. Already, petitions such as this one have had a major impact on sponsorships for his program. We're being heard and making a major impact. However, we cannot stop until Rush Limbaugh is off the air FOREVER.