To: President Donald Trump

Give our returning service women and men jobs

Mr. President, Give our returning service women and men a chance to rejoin society with a job. We owe them so much for putting their lives on hold and at risk to protect us. Our infrastructure hasn't been restored for the past 50 years. Our bridges, highways, railways, inner cities are falling apart. Let's give our returning heroes the opportunity for good, long lasting jobs by putting them to work restoring our country. This can be accomplished through direct military service or with grants to private companies.

Why is this important?

Our service men and women are coming home to a very tight job market. These are proven workers; they follow direction well; they're young and strong and very capable. We owe them respect and opportunity.They should be offered jobs restoring our country's infrastructure. This could be part of their service or part of a program sponsored and paid for with grants to private companies hiring our veterans.