To: Javier Rodriguez, P.E., Executive Director, MDX, Jesus Guerra, Interim Executive Director, MPO, and FDOT, Gus Pego, District Secretary, District 6

Give Us The Rail: MetroRail to South Dade Now!

Bring MetroRail services to South Miami-Dade County.

Why is this important?

In 2002, the South Miami-Dade community was promised Metro-Rail services. After over a decade of broken promises, we have decided to take action. With the fastest growing population in South Miami-Dade County, commuting by vehicle and bus has become an unbearable attack on our quality of life. South Miami-Dade County calls upon Miami-Dade County Transit, MDX, and the MPO, to deliver Metro Rail services to South Miami-Dade.

As a result of broken promises made to the people of South Miami-Dade, the following situations have occurred:

• A round trip from Florida City to Downtown Miami costs an estimated $15.28 in gas and tolls per vehicle.
• For those working fulltime on minimum wage, the costs of driving can cost residents up to 24% of their yearly take home pay.
• The drive from Florida City to Downtown Miami can frequently take up to two hours.
• Florida City residents who commute to Downtown Miami spend an estimated 500 hours a year just commuting to work.
• It takes a child four hours (round trip) to visit the Perez Art Museum from Florida City by bus.
• It takes a Florida City resident up to six hours (round trip) to use Miami-Dade Transit/bus to reach the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).
• It takes almost a three hour trip on Miami-Dade Transit/bus (one way) to reach FIU MMC Campus from Florida City.
• Traffic congestion is persistent on US1 and with the expected growth in the South will only get worse.

South Miami-Dade communities of Florida City, Homestead, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, & Unincorporated Dade, stand together in our resolve for equal access to all that Miami-Dade County has to offer its citizens.