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To: President Biden

Global vaccine justice now!

Global vaccine justice now!

President Biden must push the WHO to enact an expansive TRIPS waiver to allow production of COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests worldwide now!

Why is this important?

The US is denying COVID-19 aid at a dire moment: in many low-income countries, only about 15 percent of the population has received at least one vaccine dose.

As Rep. Pramila Jayapal wrote on Twitter, “Without global vaccination funding, we are simply not tackling the problem of COVID.”

We can’t let Big Pharma corporations sabotage global pandemic recovery any longer.

The US is failing the global community by coming up short in doing its part to stop the spread of COVID-19.It’s fallen behind on delivering vaccines it previously promised to developing nations; now, it’s stopped funding such programs altogether.

Worst of all, the US has failed to take a global active role in tearing down the legal barriers that are absurdly preventing the globe from reaching COVID resiliency.

Luckily, the World Health Organization (WHO) is finally considering the TRIPS waiver, a global agreement to make it easier to access COVID-19 vaccines worldwide right now. We need to make sure that deal is a good one. That means including life-saving COVID-19 tests and treatments, along with vaccines. The WHO must stop acting on behalf of corporate interests and perpetuating artificial scarcity at the expense of human life!


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