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To: Ohio Gov. Dewine

Gov. DeWine ... VETO SB 175 (Stand Your Ground, Shoot First Law)

Gov. DeWine ... VETO   SB 175 (Stand Your Ground, Shoot First Law)

The Cincinnati NAACP is strongly opposed to SB 175 the proposed Stand Your Ground, Shoot First Legislation. Black men are often perceived as being more suspicious, threatening, and dangerous than people of other races. This reality was the basis for the unjustified shooting deaths of Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and countless other African Americans that have been shot and killed in spite of the fact that they posed no threat of harm to themselves or the community in which they lived.

Gov.Mike Dewine veto SB 175
Call - 614-644-4357 or 614-466-3555


Go to and click Contact and send a message to Gov. DeWine to Veto SB 175.

Dear Gov. DeWine -
As a concerned taxpayer, I respectfully request that you veto SB 175. This legislation will increase shootings and the loss of life. With mass shootings and school shootings, the legislature needs to focus on passing meaningful gun legislation to put measures in place to protect the citizens of this state, rather than lame-duck legislation which is a solution in search of a problem.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Friend/Supporter of the Cincinnati NAACP

Why is this important?

If Stand Your Ground legislation becomes law, this type of implicit bias will have a disparate impact in communities of color and will result in the deaths of more African Americans based solely on the fact that they are perceived as being a threat. Stand Your Ground legislation will justify the murder of innocent people, particularly innocent Black people whose suspicion is actually based on racial prejudice, racial hatred, and racial perceptions none of which have any basis in fact.


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