To: Governor Charlie Baker

Governor Baker: Save the Casey Overpass and Forest Hills!

We are petitioning for a moratorium on MassDOT's Casey/Arborway project to:
• Investigate adverse impacts on minority communities
• Assess health impacts of increased vehicle emissions and demolition-generated respirable crystalline silicate dust
• Review public safety, traffic and transit impacts of MassDOT's at-grade plan.

Why is this important?

We believe it is wrong to spend $84 M+ to create a 6- or 7-lane highway amidst Emerald Necklace parklands, add up to 5 new traffic lights, impair vehicle, bus, bike and foot travel, and disenfranchise Boston’s least affluent neighborhoods to relieve MassDOT of bridge maintenance at Forest Hills. The Casey Overpass was built to alleviate gridlock due to mixing of local and regional traffic in this already busy transportation hub. MassDOT’s at-grade plan reverses that. It’s not only a bad idea, but also tragic, maybe criminal, lethal, and at minimum a gross disservice to tens of thousands of citizens impacted by this decision.


Reasons for signing

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  • I use the bridge daily to get to work. Without the bridge my commute has been extended by 15 minutes. Rebuild the bridge.