To: The Virginia State House, The Virginia State Senate, and Governor Ralph Northam

Governor Bob McDonnell: Honor Your Pledge Not To Raise Taxes

I need your support to stop the toll tax on Portsmouth and Norfolk tunnels.

Dear Virginian:

Governor Bob McDonnell pledged that he would not increase taxes as part of his two-year budget plan close the budget shortfall in Virginia. However, he is now focusing on imposing a toll tax on Portsmouth and Norfolk tunnels; requiring the residents of the smallest and most economically challenged city in the region to carry the financial burden.

According to the proposal, many residents could be paying a monthly fee of 120 dollars, which many residents just cannot afford. Roadways throughout the state of Virginia are constantly under construction, so why are the residents of Portsmouth and Norfolk City being unfairly targeted by this toll tax.

Governor McDonnell, do not allow your constituents to suffer by imposing more taxes, while the road infrastructure deteriorate, schools close and rezone, and vital socioeconomic resources are being limited and cut throughout the state of Virginia.

We, the undersigned, find these proposed taxes unacceptable and unfair.

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Thank you for your support.

Cassandra Cobb

Why is this important?

Governor McDonnell has proposed $10 million in fee increases for the Department of Motor Vehicles and now he proposes a tax on Virginia residents in the form of tolls. This toll tax will increase economical profits for Government and Corporate gain, while the citizens of the Southeastern Region of Virginia pay the cost of expense.