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To: Joe Biden and the Biden Campaign 2020

Governor Cuomo for Vice President

We like Joe Biden and he has promised to pick a female for his Vice President. As we think there are very qualified women who could occupy this office, we think that Governor Cuomo has shown himself to be a better choice. We know that Vice President Biden made a promise, but we want him to know that we won't hold it against him for picking Gov. Cuomo because he hadn't captured the spot light when he made that decision and it was not fair for the media to box him in.

Gov. Cuomo is very astute and breaks down the issues where everyone can understand and relate. His handling of the Coronavirus crisis has been nothing short of astounding and has elevated him to another level. He has always been one step ahead of the curve as it relates to the virus and it is as if the White House has to play catch up to keep up with him. People can appreciate his steady-hand and his voice of reasoning during this crisis.

Why is this important?

If our intension is to beat Trump it is imperative that we put the best candidates out front. As Vice President Biden is getting up in age, it is even more important to pick a seasoned VP candidate. His choice for VP will carry a lot of weight when it comes to making a choice. Gov Cuomo would be ready on day one if we were ever that unfortunate. Further, Joe Biden will need a Vice President that can work across the isle and get things done with the Republicans. Gov. Cuomo is a candidate that is more moderate than some of the choices that currently exists.

Speaking with several other Democrats who are also Joe Biden supporters, we believe that picking Gov Cuomo would be a very strong ticket. We want Joe to pick the best candidate and hope that others will advise him of the same. Gov Cuomo for Vice President.


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